Designed By: Ron

Ribbon Left Text: P.A.I.N.

Ribbon Left Text Color (PMS): Green

Ribbon Right Text: Together We Save Lives

Ribbon Right Text Color (PMS): Green

Ribbon Border Color (PMS): Gold

Ribbon Left Color (PMS): PMS 2587

Ribbon Right Color (PMS): PMS 293

Comment: P.A.I.N. Awareness Pin. Represents * Child Abuse Prevention ( Blue Side ) * Domestic Violence Prevention ( Purple Side ) * Suicide Prevention ( Yellow Border ) * Bullying Prevention ( Green Writing ) Created by P.A.I.N. A Version of Our Ribbon is Our Logo. This Pin Ribbon is Available at $7 each. All proceeds are used to gain Resources and Education. For those People and Organizations that deal with these 4 Very Serious Issues. At P.A.I.N. we Believe that Awareness Is The Key To Prevention. And Prevention Is The Key To Saving Lives. At P.A.I.N. Prevention Is Our First Priority